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Our Vision

Make high-end rhymes with ethic

Our project and our products are born of our values. For us, VOANY is above all a human adventure.

We want to spread the knowledge, culture and use of moringa around the world for the well-being of all. Our desire to offer you authentic products blends perfectly with our vision of a more inclusive economy.

Within the VOANY offer, we aspire to select the best things. You will discover moringa from different origins. Each land brings to moringa its lot of specificities, and it is this variety that we wish to offer. You will find similarities and will be able to detect some subtleties in terms of taste, texture ...

Each of our chosen partners aligns with our ethics and quality requirements. What we want is to create a strong, competent network that shares all of our values so that moringa becomes a sustainable economic and food resource for producing families in these developing countries. By offering you well-being, we are committed to impacting different places in the world through this ethical action.


In 2017, we created the Victoire Cécile association to effectively implement the various aspects of this ethical vision. We named this social project "Women, Children, Plantation" (WCP). Through this mission, we put our will to organize the culture of a moringa of high quality, to develop the standard of living of the local populations, and to help on the ground in the fight against this real plague which is the malnutrition.

Culture of a high quality moringa

    We want to offer you the benefits of moringa and value the networks of small local producers with whom we work. We are committed to offering them a fair price and want to build a long-term relationship, commercial and human.

Together, we seek to put in place the actions that will make it possible to obtain the best quality of moringa. In the manner of a prestigious craftsman, we have hand in hand built specifications that harmonize the uses of traditional culture and the respect of European quality standards. From planting seeds to leaf picking, our goal is to offer high quality moringa. Or in other words, full of benefits.

Develop the standard of living of local people

    VOANY is committed to the purchase of Moringa grown in this way. Income from moringa culture helps many families live on site and significantly improve the lives of local people.

As part of the WCP program, our association Victoire Cécile is also involved in a process that aims to integrate people in need.  The focus here is mainly on women and young people, to whom we provide training at the different stages of moringa culture (from pure agriculture to management) so that they acquire real know-how.  We offer them the opportunity to be part of our local producers and to provide for their needs while being independent and owning their land.
In addition to this project of training and employment, we are also committed to intervene in the fight against malnutrition, always via our program WCP.

Fight against malnutrition

    This is a secret and unfortunately a reality. Malnutrition is very present in African countries, and particularly in Madagascar. The one affecting children is very worrying since one out of two children suffers from chronic malnutrition, one out of five from severe malnutrition.

 Alongside the NON (National Office of Nutrition), we are actively fighting to reduce the scale of this phenomenon. We believe that raising awareness and supporting families in the moringa culture can help in this direction, through the generation of income, and through the direct consumption of this generous and complete plant.

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