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"Act so that others can increase the number of possible choices" Heinz von Foerster


VOANY is a brand that promotes healthy eating by designing moringa based products. A small daily consumption of this plant is enough to bring you essential nutrients that will promote the maintenance of good health. Our goal is to develop practical and varied products that will be easily married to your daily life, in order to preserve a coherent global nutrition.


VOANY develops Moringa cultures in French-speaking African countries. We work hand in hand with associations to provide concrete field help that improves the living conditions of the local population. VOANY wants to bring wellness here, so that others can live better there. Our project is meaningful in this combination of actions.

Support sustainable development

We want to have a positive impact on the environment. To do this, we develop moringa plantations and support farmers' cooperatives in French-speaking African countries.

Support local populations

We are committed to participating in the development of the communities we work with. In collaboration with several associations, we support a generation of men and women in the acquisition of a certain professional stability, which will enable them to increase their general standard of living.

A long term vision

Trust is very important to us. Thus, we want to favor a long-term relationship with our partners and particularly with our local producers. By going in this direction, we want to trust, and inspire.


We are listening. Listening to our consumers and their feedback in order to evolve our offer. Listening to our partners to lead this project together. Listening to our producers who share our values and to whom we want to guarantee a fair price that allows each party to meet its expectations.

The best is always before us

VOANY is above all a human adventure. We are committed to creating strong and constructive relationships for all. Linking developing and western countries is important. That they can exchange resources and evolve in the same direction, according to the specificities of each, is just as much. We are excited to develop these links, to the idea of discovering, the idea of exchange. There will always be building.

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