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Our partners

Our project is based on an economy that is both efficient, modern and ethical in order to create the food of tomorrow. The Region immediately understood the issues and adhered to our motivations. It supports our momentum by becoming our first partner since November 2015.

Région Nouvelle Aquitaine
Agrotec - Agropole Agen

We make our products in partnership with Agrotec Agen, our prefecture home. Our processes and manufacturing processes are thus developed, optimized and refined thanks to the tools, the services and the know-how they put at our disposal.

Initiative Lot-et-Garonne

Initiative Lot-et-Garonne provides us with its advice and financial support in order to sustain the development of our project.

Victoire Cécile Association

This association equips women in French-speaking African countries, and is involved in the fight against malnutrition. Victoire Cécile trains, equips and accompanies these women both in the professional field and in their personal development.

National Office of Nutrition (Madagascar)

Alongside the NON, we are part of a cluster bringing together all stakeholders in the moringa sector of Red Island. We want to take action in the field by launching a major operation to combat child malnutrition and improve nutrition in general. To do so, we develop the means to preserve the premium quality of moringa origin Madagascar and aim to democratize its use.

Manasoa Mitsimbina Association

This association supports community development for the benefit of the vulnerable. "Women, children, a plantation" is the name of the mission in which we invest together. It consists of monitoring people, villages and structures by helping them to set up and keep the specifications for the Moringa culture.

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