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The benefits of moringa

       Since centuries moringa is used in African and Asian medicine (particularly Ayurvedic). This super-plant is well known for its beneficial effect on over 300 disease of any kind.  It is one of the most concentrate vegetal source in nutrients. Its vitamins, proteins, amino acids and its diversified nutritive components make up the natural essence of its benefit properties.   Here are 10 benefits that will allow you to keep your general health level on top. 


The antioxidants combined to minerals modulate the enzyme activity and allow an accelerated process of detoxification. Thus, the body purify itself and regain energy.

Muscle recovery after effort

Physical activity has become a major part in our lifestyle. Moringa is full of proteins, potassium and magnesium that favour the  proper functioning and especially the recovery of your muscles.

Organism booster

The moringa provides a high rate of iron and vitamin A ; elements that feed red blood cells in charge of transporting the oxygen in the body. A properly oxygenated body can boost our organism and maintain this sense of vitality.

Cardiovascular health

Moringa is rich in polyphenol and vitamin K. These element participate to decrease the fat deposit which may have destructive effects on the long term. The moringa can help to protect the cardiovascular system and the general bloodstream. 


An inflammatory is a natural response of the body to a wound or an alteration of the tissues. An excessive reaction is due to an insuffisant diet. It can cause degenerative diseases or arthritis. Consuming the 36 kind of anti-inflammatory found in moringa is a natural way to prevent against such risk. 

Reinforcement of immune defences

By the time, the immune defence system gets weaker. Vaccines, inter alia, participate to form this defence system and food plays a part in its reinforcement. Vitamins A, E, C, iron and zinc found in the moringa contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system. 

Blood sugar regulator

The moringa is concentrate in vitamins B, antioxidants, omega 3 and in chrome, which give its properties regulating the sugar rate in the blood. It may turn into a precious ally to prevent disease such as diabetes. 

Natural anti-stress

In order to preserve an efficient functioning of your nervous system, the moringa will provide with vitamins B2, B6, B3, magnesium and potassium which appear to be essential to reach this goal. 

Healthy young skin

Its numerous antioxidant and diverse vitamins give the moringa the ability to protect the skin cells from an oxidative stress. Vegetal proteins bring the cells elements to regenerate themselves and keep an optimal fitness. This combination of actions contribute to the conservation of a certain skin quality and decrease it ageing.

Effects on tension

Calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins (C, E...) and omega 3 found in the moringa would participate to the good regulation of the arterial tension. They have a positive effect on arteria's protection, a proper functioning of bloodstream, muscle relaxation and sodium removal. 

We are committed to provide you the best recommandation in matter of nature, quality and the use of our products. Although these informations are given only as suggestions and could not be considered as a medical prescription. Always ask your doctor or any qualified health professional for any question about health or nutrition.
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