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Particularity of the Red Island's moringa

We are willing to extend our project at an international level, although, starting in Madagascar was obvious. For the prior knowledge of the territory, as former crafts producers, which is necessary to launch such an ethical project. For the emotional value that we carry toward our native island and of course, for the authenticity of these soils. The positive experience earned during this implementation is beneficial for the development of the project in other countries.

A land of excellence

We believe that Madagascar is an extraordinary land. The diversity of its reliefs and its climates is reflected in the unique intrinsic qualities of its plants. Modern medicine has also revealed the virtuous secrets of many plants, once kept by traditional therapies. This richness in nutrients, the flora draws from the specific properties of the Malagasy land, virgin, uncontaminated, and characterized by a singular red. The soil of Madagascar is thus recognized throughout the world as a sanctuary for botanists and pharmacologists.

For all these reasons we are convinced that the Red Island is the ideal place to offer a moringa upscale, extremely rich in benefits.

Madagascar - l'Île Rouge
cultivatrices de Moringa malgaches

A suitable mode of production

Madagascar offers us excellence, and we wanted to translate it into our mode of production.
Our moringa is thus cultivated on unspoiled lands under the responsibility of village women to whom we offer the possibility of training and developing (cf our vision).
During the growth phase of the tree, we only use organic fertilizers, no chemicals. Then, when the leaves reach maturity, they are harvested and sorted by hand, preferably at the beginning of the day. We spare the intervals of our harvests in order to respect the time necessary for the regeneration of the trees. Once picked, the leaves are transported to be dried in the shade, at room temperature (below 42 ° C). All these operations are carried out in order to preserve the nutrients.

Finally, when the drying phase ends, the leaves are sent to our production site located in France, at the agropolis of Estillac (Lot-et-Garonne). The agropolis gives us its technical support to control and approve the conformity of our products with European standards. We believe that this scheme is optimal to offer you a range of products that reflects our desire to offer you the best.​

Contrôle à l'agropole d'Estillac
Produit en France

Le Moringa de Madagascar

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