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The little story

You would say, it's a whole, it depends on the way of life of everyone, and you're right. "It's not a magic plant," they said. No, but "it allows us to keep our health, to live a dynamic life every day, and to have a certain balance". No moringa is not magic. But it has exceptional assets that can enable everyone to improve their health, achieve an optimal overall balance and maintain a consistent harmony. And indeed, moringa can help in achieving this totally healthy goal.

smoothie au moringa
les fondateurs de Voany

    We are a family from Madagascar settled in the Lot-et-Garonne. A few years ago, we inherited a land of several hectares located on the land of our ancestors. An old aunt, a consumer of moringa, had been pushing us for some time to take an interest in this plant, to start an exploitation on this land. It is true that some of our ancestors, themselves users and especially users of moringa (thank you to our great-mothers), have always impressed us with the preservation of an impressive physical form. Octogenarians of a vitality to make pale our young active today, able to swallow tens of kilometres of daily walking without difficulty.

plantation de moringa à Madagascar


    It is with these motivations that we carry out our project. We wish to develop moringa awareness around the world. We want to offer products that will help increase the well-being of people. Like those of our ancestors, we hope to hear more testimonies from people who have increased their quality of life through the nutritional strength of moringa.

And, we have the will to supplement this contribution of well-being here, by an action full of meaning there. Through the development of this activity, we are committed to helping improve the living conditions of local populations, in particular by offering them a stable activity but not only (see our vision).


Our project is meaningful in this combination of actions. For different people, in different spheres, at different levels, in different ways, we are committed to multiply the benefits around moringa.

We work every day in this direction, and we would be happy that you too can participate in this adventure!

Feuille de moringa pour infusion
L'équipe VOANY en deux mots
l'équipe de Voany


Simple, flexible and patient, I translate VOANY's strategy into figures.
Graduate of a PhD in Management Sciences, I use my experiences with international groups. I anticipate the needs and ensure the achievement of our objectives. I build and manage all the accounting and financial operating elements necessary for the successful operation of our company.


Graduate of a Master in Wealth Management, I see finance as the way to serve a vision that must have a real impact in people's lives. I want to translate our values and ideas into the concrete. Multi-talented and driven, I lead all our projects, taking part of the creative part in the exploitation of each of them, and ensuring the efficiency of the organization between our different services.



Adventure, originality and generosity sum up my life. I have been at the heart of solidarity trade with my country of origin for 15 years. Food engineer, passionate about people and life, my odyssey continues strongly in our program "well here, for a better life there", through the moringa.

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