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The tree of life

What is the Moringa ?

            The moringa, also called the tree of life, grows in tropical environments. It is therefore widespread on the African and Latin American soil and in South-Asia. Each part of the tree is edible, from the root to the flower growing along its thin branches.

However the traditional preference is focused on the leaves of moringa, due to their ease of use and their nutritive wealth. They are consumed in their dried or powder form.

plantation de moringa bio
poudre de moringa bio

A concentrate of nutrients

        The moringa presents an abundant composition. It contains over 90 nutrients (calcium, iron...) and particularly distinguished by its high concentration of proteins (20 to 30%). It is rich in minerals, vitamins and numerous antioxidants. Lastly, it offers the whole essential amino acids and provides necessary nutrients that our body is unable to produce.

A concentrate of nutrients that attribute its beneficial properties.


What effects ?

         The moringa naturally provides elements that will boost your metabolism and improve your general well-being. By the way, the french word "néverdier" for moringa, comes from the english "never die" due to its benefits:  

- Body detoxifying

- Metabolism booster

Recovery after an effort, reduction of tiredness

- Anti-stress et anti-age

- Benefit effects on blood pressure

- Improvement of natural defences

- Healthy and radient skin promoter


recette superbowl au Moringa

How to use it and what quantity?

        You can find the moringa in dry leafs form for you infusions or in powder form. 

One to four tablespoon of powder is ideal to maintain an optimal health level. This correspond to a quantity from 5 to 20 grams, this proportion may vary according to your needs, personal objectives and the periodicity of your consumption. 

The moringa powder can be used in different ways, let your creativity be! 

Level up your fresh juice, smoothies and even your salad.

Sprinkle on your pies, sauces, fishes and other salty meals (or sweet!), preferably at the end of the cooking in order to preserve the nutritive qualities of the plant. Find more ideas in our recipes. 

The moringa powder can also be used in cosmetics. You can make your own face mask care by mixing it with a bit of clay and water. 

Find our recommandations of use and suggestions in the description of our VOANY products. 

4x more potassium than a banana
4x more magnesium than chocolate
17x more calcium than milk
6x more vitamin C than orange
2x more proteins than eggs

In comparison ?

In comparison with our daily food, the moringa brings you : 

4x more potassium than a banana - helps to the arterial regulation

17x more calcium than milk - contributes to reinforce the bones

4x more magnesium than chocolate - lower the stress

9x more iron than spinach - reduces the tiredness

6x plus de vitamine C que l'orange - augmentation du niveau d'énergie

2x more proteins than eggs - muscle development

It also contains 46 antioxidants (including 10 vitamins) and the 9 essential amino acids.  

9x more iron than spinach
Conseils d'utilisation
idées pour associer la poudre de moringa

When and why use it ?

      The moringa can be consumed at any time of the day for breakfast, snacks, lunch...

This natural supplement will keep you in shape all day long, satisfy your nutrient needs and maintain a high energetic level. In this way you can consume it when : 

- you want to eat healthy

- you want increase your well-being and reach a satisfying health level. 

- you get through a tiring period, need to be revitalised and maintain your fitness level. 

- Sport is your lifestyle and you want your muscles to recover efficiently

- you have a specific diet and need a natural plant based  food, complete and rich in proteins

- you want to follow a detox 

- you want to be preventive from any disease 


The Moringa is your best health ally !

Some figures



4 to 15 metres

The height that the moringa tree can reach. 



2 to 7 cm

The length of the moringa leaves.



between 26°C and 40°C

Ideal temperature for moringa growth.

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